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Asian Bodywork

Asian Bodywork - Awaken your inner healing power with Asian bodywork therapy, structural balancing and visceral work.  Susan has the ability to see and feel energy patterns. Her training and bodywork experience since 1983 enables her to support her clients in achieving results quickly and effectively. A session begins with a Traditional Chinese and structural assessment. She assesses meridian imbalances, five element and eight principle patterns, as well as structural and visceral patterns. A specific strategy is designed for each client’s needs to address these blockages and restrictions with a combination of gentle, yet effective methods. Susan combines a variety of Asian Bodywork Therapies, osteopathic based Structural Balancing and Visceral Manipulation. She often teaches her clients Qigong Exercise Therapy, and Acupressure self-help to speed and deepen the healing process.

Susan Kansky has been practicing Asian Bodywork since 1983 and is a Diplomat Asian Bodywork Therapy (NCCAOM), Certified Instructor (American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia - AOBTA, Energy Arts), AOS-ABT 2-year degree in Asian Bodywork Therapy, and a total of 6,000 hours of training in Chinese Medicine. She has a certification in Ortho-Bionomy and training in Visceral Manipulation.

 Jin Shin Jyutsu® - Promotes deep relaxation and release of dis-ease by working on the root cause of tension. Uses light pressure on acupressure points along the body.

      Relieve aches and pains
      Experience more vitality & strength
      Correct imbalances before they get serious

Zen Shiatsu - Awaken your natural healing ability with firm yet sensitive finger stimulation of pressure points and gentle stretches. Applied through light clothing with no oil.

      Relieve muscular tension
      Balances energy in meridians and organs
      Nourish all aspects of the mind & body

Chi Nei Tsang - Internal Organ Massage is a Chinese approach to preventative medicine, working directly in the abdomen where life forces are stored.

      Detoxifies & rejuvenates vital organs
      Removes negative energies & emotions
      Self-healing techniques raise chi in organs

Qi Gong Tui Na - One of China's most advanced and effective bodywork systems, combines soft tissue manipulation, structural alignment and traditional Chinese medical theory for powerful, effective healing. It is also known as Medical Qigong Bodywork.

      Open & connect your body's energy gates
      Powerful balancing at core energy of the body

      Help other bodywork be more effective

Acupressure – Using finger pressure instead of needles, manipulation of acupuncture points balances your specific energetic pattern of imbalance.


     Disperse blocked energy to reduce stress

     Powerful & effective meridian balancing

     Acupressure Self-Help speeds healing


Structural Balancing & Visceral Manipulation – Osteopathic based structural balancing is gentle and effective. Structural assessment techniques lead to a targeted and comprehensive approach to address:


    Joint stiffness, mobility, alignment, pain,

    Compression, injuries, arthritic symptoms

    Elasticity, spring, & circulation of fluids in joints & organs


Anma, Tui Na & Barefoot Shiatsu – Powerful bodywork techniques that are thousands of years old are effective for releasing blocked energy and relieving patterns of muscle tension.


    Effectively release tension and stress

    Bodywork is applied through clothing

    Increase range of motion and ease


Perinatal & Infant Care - Improve and maintain the health of mother and child from pregnancy through after birth. Prevent years of problems by helping children start life in balance.

      Reduce the discomforts of pregnancy
      Improve breathing patterns & cut down labor time
      Aid children with teething, tantrums, thumb sucking,
        bedwetting, hyperactivity & difficult or complex issues

Self - Help Programs
- Individualized Qi Gong Health Exercise Therapy, Acupressure and Private Qigong and Tai Chi Lessons target the roots of your health issues. Learn custom-tailored exercises for your specific physical, structural and emotional imbalances.

    Personalized internal energy program
    Specific acupressure points for your needs
    Qi Gong exercises build your constitution

Chinese Nutrition & Five-Element Aromatherapy – Target energetic patterns of imbalance with specific foods, essential oils and custom essential oil blends and liniments.


    Essential oils support emotional balance

    Use foods for healing


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