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I combine my ability to see and feel energy patterns with extensive depth and breadth of training and experience since 1984 working with individuals, groups, and students.

I customize the combination of healing approaches as needed to address structural and acupuncture meridian patterns, clear emotional traumas from conception to the present, family and ancestral patterns, chemical sensitivity; relationship, career and life issues.

Energetic Bodywork Private Sessions: Asian Bodywork, Medical Qi Gong, Perinatal Shiatsu, Structural Balancing, Visceral Work.   

Private lessons: Qi Gong, Nei Gong, Tai Chi, ERT, Individualized Self-Help Programs.  

Energetic Healing Phone Sessions: providing Energetic Resolution Technique™- ERT™, Recall Healing, Matrix Energetics®, EPFX Quantum Biofeedback, and Resonance Repatterning®.    

Bi-Monthly Energetic Resolution Technique™- ERT™ group sessions.   

Teach: Qi Gong, Nei Gong, Energetic Resolution Technique™ - ERT™, Acupressure, self-help, and continuing education.

Developer of Energetic Resolution Technique™ - ERT™ and author of 16 course manuals.

To schedule an appointment call Susan Kansky at 928-925-3426.

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