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Solution Oriented Emotional Work

About Solution Oriented Emotional Work

A session combines various therapies that contribute to resolving the emotional conflict contributing to your health issue. Susan uses a combination of methods to help you access your own healing, to bring about the significant changes you desire, and to resolve the identified conflicts. These methods may include Recall Healing™, Energetic Resolution Technique™-ERT™ (a Power Therapy Susan developed and teaches), Resonance Repatterning®, Super Fast Emotional Acupressure, Matrix Energetics, Bach Flower Essence blends, Five Element Aromatherapy blends and Acupressure Self-Care. You are encouraged to continue to work with your medical doctor at the same time.

Recall Healing™

Recall Healing™ identifies and clears the events that are the sources of conflict underlying your current health condition. Three major underlying factors are explored and cleared. (1) The Life Time Line, from now backward to the moment of birth, all the major negative events of your life. (2) The Project// Purpose, 18 months before birth + first twelve months of life. (3) The Family Tree, clearing your links with patterns coming from the three generations above, parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

Resonance Repatterning® - Process For Positive Change

  • Clients report life changing improvement of physical, emotional and mental well-being
  • Turn problems into opportunities & get results quickly
  • Resonate with and effortlessly achieve your positive intentions
  • Growth and harmony in relationships, clear psychological buttons
  • Resolve childhood issues and traumas

Resonance Repatterning Goes to the Source of the Problem

The Resonance Repatterning, RR, (formerly called Holographic Repatterning®), practitioner is able to identify the de-energizing and life-depleting patterns underlying your problems and pinpoint the precise healing modalities needed to transform the life-depleting patterns.

How to Transform Problems Into Opportunities and Positive Outcomes

Our life is in disorder when we resonate with non-life-enhancing and de-energizing patterns. Physical and emotional pains, problems in our work and life, fatigue, lack of confidence, negative beliefs and attitudes, and conflicts in our relationships all result from resonating with non-coherent patterns. This is the result of past experiences, modeling by our parents, etc.

Change Your Resonance Change Your Life

Resonance Repatterning allows you to resonate with what you want in your life, and to no longer resonate with what you don’t want in your life.  RR is based on a foundation of principles from new physics and psychology, brain integration, Chinese medicine and energy medicine. RR identifies unconscious patterns that cause our problems and then transforms these patterns in a 6-step process. In an individual session with an RR practitioner the 6 steps used are: 1 - orientation; 2 - turning problems into opportunities; 3 - creating positive intentions to change how you respond in any situation; 4 - repatterning thinking and unconscious patterns holding the problem in place; 5 - using modalities like movement, energetic contact points, and sound to create positive change and shift your resonance; and 6 - taking positive action to sustain positive change in your life.

Energetic Resolution Technique-ERT™

 “Pinpoints and Resolves Root Causes!”

“My life has totally changed after one session. I feel a huge shift on all levels. My buttons are no longer pushed when I’m around a family member. I went on a date for the first time in 20 years. My digestion has improved. The constant ache in my colon is nearly gone. The pain in my right shoulder is much better. I have lost seven pounds in less that a week.” E. A.

What is Energetic Resolution Technique ERT™?

ERT™ is a non-invasive energetic technique that blends anatomy, physiology, applied kinesiology, structural analysis, energetic corrections, and quantum physics. The premise is that your body functions like a computer – you are either on or off, strong or weak to any given issue. ERT™ pinpoints your weaknesses that are at the root of your issues and makes them strong. ERT™  works on all levels or your being, so that physical and emotional pain may be eliminated and life goals attained. Finding the root of the issue and eliminating it, makes it possible to release the symptom.

 “My life was stuck…I have a life again now. I have friendships. I can get things done. Not just my health, but my whole life has changed. It feels miraculous. I am more capable, more together, and able to focus and concentrate. I got a job finally, after trying for two years. I’m getting along better with my family. I’m dating. I have energy. I can think clearly. I’m getting my wardrobe organized. It’s amazing. A breakthrough. Things I’ve prayed for and worked for years for are finally coming to pass. My naturopath got me ‘not sick’. This has given me wellness, energy, vitality, and en-thusiasm in my life. I’ve never run into anything like this in my 40 year search for healing modalities.” J. G.

What we say and consciously think is not always what we subconsciously support. Until all levels of consciousness support the thought, we will not achieve our health or goals. ERT makes it possible to clear and correct these multiple layers that keep us from manifesting our highest potential - health, success, and freedom from stress and pain.

“I am free of back pain, and light-headedness. I am able to exercise now.…I’m less confused. My head has cleared up. I have more energy. I have a more positive outlook. I was getting depressed over not being able to figure it out. I have an overall glow in my life. It’s holistic, hitting me at all levels. I’m content and hopeful. I was hopeless about getting fully healthy, despite the healing work I was doing with a naturopath and chiropractor. I feel I’ve finally arrived. I have a sense of well-being at a deep level. I knew there was something underneath and couldn’t tap it.” L. S.

Energetic Resolution Technique ERT™ can eliminate pain within minutes. To eliminate pain one has been carrying around for years and to eliminate emotional distress, fears, and chronic conditions is nothing less than miraculous. You need only disregard the belief that it’s impossible. We ask only that you keep an open mind and see for yourself the changes that occur right before your eyes.

Matrix Energetics® 

Heal and transform your life. Based on quantum field physics, Matrix Energetics is not energy healing in the usual sense. We play outside the box to rapidly transform your physical and emotional traumatic patterns. You will reorder your perceptions and begin to see your body and life circumstances in a whole new way. Supercharge your ability to heal and create the life you’ve always wanted. Enter the matrix where anything is possible. This versatile system clears past trauma, utilizes the 21 universal key healing frequencies, and the power of the unconscious mind.

About Susan Kansky: Susan is a Certified Practitioner of ERT™, Matrix Energetics®, and Resonance Repatterning®. She has been a Wellness Counselor since 1992. She combines her ability to see and feel energy patterns with extensive depth and breadth of training and experience since 1984 working with individuals, groups, and students. Susan customizes the combination of healing approaches to support positive change and teaches self-help to empower self-healing.

Susan Kansky, Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM®), AOS-ABT, BA has studied and taught Chinese Medicine, Energy Medicine, and Chinese health exercises since 1978 and 1986. She has a degree in Biochemistry and graduate school education in Neurobiology and Physiology. Susan has had an Optimum Wellness practice since 1984.  She has 8,000 hours of post-graduate training in alternative healing arts. Susan is an AOBTA® Asian Bodywork certified instructor and Energy Arts Senior Qi Gong instructor. Susan developed ERT™ and has written 16 manuals on ERT™ and Chinese Medicine. She offers CE classes in ERT™, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Nei Gong, Asian Bodywork, and ERT™ certification training.

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